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Honeybee Pampering LLC

Honeybee Pampering LLC
13 Blue Jay Way
Lebanon PA
Booth: M18

Company Description:

Honey, Be Pampered! After so many years of selling natural products made by other companies, I've decided to take the plunge and share my own handmade products!

Our skin is a sensitive organ and it can absorb substances that we rub onto it. So to be 100% sure that what I put on my body is good for me, I've done the research and spent the time strategizing and reviewing each ingredient that goes into my products to ensure they have the skin loving benefits without any of the toxic chemicals.

I'm thrilled to share products without:
- Artificial colors, & Dyes: I am choosing not to use Mica as a colorant as it's very controversial of whether or not it's truly natural.
- Parfum, Fragrance Oils: Triggers allergies & asthma, linked to cancer and neurotoxicity. Some are harmful to fish and wildlife.
- Dioxane/PEG "eth" products as they are a carcinogen and can cause cancer and birth defects.
- Benzophene (UV Blockers) that have been linked to cancer
- DEA related ingredients can cause cancer, organ system toxicity and skin/eye irritation
- BHA & BHT Can cause endocrine disruption, organ-system toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, cancer, and irritation. Harmful to fish and other wildlife.
- Formaldehyde Can cause cancer, skin irritation and sensitization.
- Parabens triggers allergies & asthma, linked to cancer and neurotoxicity. Some are harmful to fish and wildlife.
- Petroleum By Products & Mineral Oil Human carcinogen, linked to cancer, linked to estrogen dominance.
- Phenoxyethanol can cause allergies and nervous system effects.
- Phthalates can cause endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer.

My commitment is to fresh, clean and natural products for the whole family!

New Products

Magnesium Spray and Body Creme
Did you know keeping your Magnesium levels at optimum level helps relieve pain, muscle cramps, tension and restless legs, while improving sleep and reducing anxiety. In fact, if you use it regularly, you are more likel

Certifications & Awards

2023 LV Chamber The Pitch Winner

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