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Hardwoods Development Council

Hardwoods Development Council
2301 N. Cameron Street
Harrisburg PA
Booth: GM216


Company Description:

Imagine what your home would look like, feel like, smell like by incorporating quality Real American Hardwood products. Thanks to its versatility, the potential and possibilities of real hardwood are literally endless. Start dreaming in hardwood. There are many benefits to bringing Real American Hardwood products into your home, from beautiful first impressions to longer-lasting physical and mental health impressions. The value that quality hardwood gives to your quality of life is simply immeasurable.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in the production and export of hardwood lumber. Our forests are the source of diverse secondary wood products ranging from veneer, cabinetry and flooring to baseball bats, snow boards, drumsticks and much more! With 16.62 million acres of forestland, Pennsylvania has the most abundant hardwood forest in the United States and accounts for $21.8 billion in direct and $36 billion in indirect impacts on the state's economy.

Visit the Pennsylvania WoodMobile at this year's show and experience and interactive and educational tour of Pennsylvania's forest and forest products industry.

Show Specials:

The Pennsylvania WoodMobile is a traveling exhibit that provides an interactive experience educating visitors about our forest, the sustainable forest products industry, how products are made, and threats to our forests like invasive insects and plan

New Products

Pennsylvania's forest products industry offers many products: Lumber, flooring (solid and engineered), cabinets, moulding, trim, paneling, furniture, the list goes on!

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FSC and SFI certified products & companies

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